The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced!

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The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Google AdWords allows you to have your ads runs on the search results page of Google. These ads show at the bottom and top of a search results page, which helps boost your online visibility and chances of getting more leads and revenue. You can also enroll in Google courses to improve your knowledge of Google Ads. 

This video training course covers everything you need to know about Google AdWords, from the basic aspects of AdWords to digital marketing fundamentals, developing your very first ad campaign and adjusting your campaign based on the data you gathered. You will also learn how to develop the best ads to maximize your conversions, scale successful campaigns and generate a positive ROI.

The tutorials included in the course are easy to understand thanks to the detailed screen capture shown all through the videos. 


Use the power of AdWords Editor to improve ad Performance            

The program includes a AdWords Editor Tutorial  to manage your Google Ads campaigns. It can be used to edit your campaigns, replace and find text across ad campaigns or groups, see statistics for your campaigns, redo or undo several changes while editing campaigns as well as view, manage and edit multiple accounts simultaneously.

Adwords Editor

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