9 Tips to Drive More Profit with Your Remarketing Campaigns

9 Tips to Drive More Profit with Your Remarketing Campaigns


To make the most of the traffic you are generating, you need to do remarketing the right way. Remarketing campaign is a way to reengage traffic already engaging with your content.

Every google adword tutorial out there will teach different things, but below are some of the important tips that will help scale up your remarketing campaigns, for better ROI.


Was the traffic good in the first place?

Since remarketing is a way to reengage preexisting customers—that came in form of traffic—it’s imperative to analyze if the visitors are coming on purpose or just for the “sake.” Traffic gained from freebies may not convert, even with the best retargeting method of all time. Also, with free traffic, quality is not guaranteed.

Within AdWords editor, you can use dedicated tools to review site analytics to see if anything sticks out. Any campaign, landing page or sources that don’t seem to drive quality traffic—fix them out.

Segment Your Audience

People within your audience would have checked out different products or have varying interest. When remarketing, make sure to group such members or customers into specific categories.

If you segment your audience in align with their interests, you’ll provide more tailored content and stand the chance of better conversion.

Create Responsive Ads

For better ad experience, you need to create responsive ads for your remarketing campaign. You don’t want your audience to keep zooming off and in to enjoy your content. Responsive ads will fit the screen of their device. Google AdWords tutorial—many of this—is out there to help to see how you can create responsive ads.

Abandoned Carts

You should put more effort into bringing people who left before checking out to the buying table. Most of the time, they may stall, thinking if that’s the right product to buy—which is normal consumer behavior.

Resonating Contents?

While quality and engaging contents are nice, contents that resonate is nicer. Using or crafting the best content in your AdWords editor isn’t enough; the level of your remarketing success will depend on the videos, message, image (contents) delivered to each audience—if they’re based on interest. Analyze your list to determine how certain audiences engage with your content and come up with—when appropriate—what they’ll appreciate and respond to, better.


Advertise to people who already purchase

You will have better conversion and increase ROI when you run your remarketing to people who already buy your product.

You’d probably experience a situation whereby you received a mail or an ad for an item within your interest or related to a previous purchase. Many businesses even use the “you’ll like this” tactic.

By remarketing new products to previous buyer/customer, your Google AdWords will drive more conversion. And this leads us to another essential tip.

Frequency Matters

Frequently displaying your ads can upset or annoy your audience. Putting a frequency cap on your advertisements will engage, not overwhelm them.

The rate at which they saw your ads matters and can help keep your business at their forefront’s mind.

Frequency and Right Timing

Schedule your ads to run when your audience most likely see them. To achieve this, you’ll need to research your target audience on the day, hour and time they come online and tailor your ads for just that.

Learn More

If you want your business to grow, want your remarketing effort to pull in more profits, you need to keep learning, staying abreast of every update and the best way to remarket.

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